Last Man Standing

Keep up to date with Ferguslie Star’s Last Man Standing Competition

The star will be running a last man standing competition for the 2020/21 Premier League season. If you are interested and would like to join, or you would like to submit your team via email click on the link below to get in touch. £10 entry fee and rules apply, enquire below.


  1. Pay £10 entry fee – no need to pay again after that (unless you want multiple shots)
  1. You can enter as many times as you want.
  1. Each week you select 1 team to win from that weeks match group fixtures of the Barclays Premier League and if your team wins then you progress to the next week. If your team draws or loses then you are out.
  1. You can’t pick that team again until the second round of fixtures for that team start.
  1. If your selected teams match is postponed then you automatically progress to the next week, although you can’t select that team again.
  1. Should you forget to submit your team in time (Time specified by organiser) then you will be allocated the lowest ranked team in the table that you haven’t chosen yet.
  1. The last person standing is the winner and will receive 50% of the pot (confirmed before first league game). The remaining 50% will go to Ferguslie Star AFC.
  1. If 2 or more players are left at the end and they all don’t win then the profits will be split amongst them equally.
  1. There is no roll over, once everyone is out the game is over.

Contact the club to take part.

Players Remaining – 14

Week 4
PlayerTeam ChosenResult
Anton KnoxMan City 
Kevin Knox SnrNewcastle 
Blair BrownNewcastle 
Kay RichmondTottenham 
Laura GillenMan City 
Staurt Piggot Arsenal 
Ian AdamLeicester 
Gerard DelaneyWolves 
Steven McKinnonChelsea 
Simon RuaneWolves 
Lesley HamiltonArsenal 
George HamiltonLeicester 
Stephen ClochertyArsenal 
George MartinArsenal